We love free culture and games. We design board, card and electronic games, releasing them under public domain so that anyone gets them. Besides hosting our own content, we took as our goal to spread other free and relevant cultural content, whatever the source. That's why we design and host high quality print and play versions of classic games from around the world, which we believe are worth your attention.


Our games follow 6 principles: their goal is to entertain; they mechanics should preferrably be simple; but not simplistic; aesthetics is part of the game; they should be free as in freedom; and be of high quality. The print and play games you'll find in this website follow two more guidelines: they should be cheap, consuming the least possible amount of ink, paper and time; and it must be possible to store them for later use.

Free Culture

We are passionate defenders of the free culture movement, which states that technological and cultural development should not be hindered by abusive property rights. That's why you'll only find libre games in this site, most of them under public domain. And there's more: to create our games we only use free software such as Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus, Blender and Libre Office, all of them running on GNU/Linux plataform - and they are awesome! We highly recommend you to try them.