attack the tower

The time for negotiations is over. In this game, you and your opponent must select and lead one of several armies in search of supremacy. You must defend your palace from waves of incoming enemy troops by building bases, which can block the paths that lead to your kingdom.

The bases will also recruit different kinds of troops - light and heavy infantry, shooters, cavalry and siege weapons - that have abilities unique to each individual army. Knowing their potential, you must come up with a strategy to pierce the opponent's defenses and raze his palace to the ground.

Attack the Tower is a great card game with predetermined decks for two people. The game's fast pace and quick matches make it even better for tournaments, so if you wish to join or host one, take a look at the tournament manual.

There was once a time when peace was sovereign and conflicts were solved with dialog and justice.

That time is gone. Towers rise all around your kingdom and it is your sacred duty to attack them.

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Do you wish to play the Attack the Tower game? We provide PDF files with the full game, for free.

Each file is designed to save paper and ink, and contain one of the two armies you'll need to play. All you have to do is print, fold and play.

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Attack the Tower has a commercial card game, released back in 2012.

Although the game is in Portuguese only, you can check out details about it.


Attack the Tower is all about tournaments. The tournament manual has in-depth rules on how to play and to hold a tournament.

If you like the game, this is surely worth a visit.


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The game

Attack the Tower is a card game. Unlike many other card games, each player has his own individual deck that might be different from his opponent's. Unlike a trading card game, however, you don't get to build your own deck.

Each player may choose one of pre-built decks, or armies. Each army is built up on a strategy inspired by its theme, so that the strategies for each army are quite distinct. This means that a good player should know very well both his and his opponent's army.

You may need some time to learn the game, but once you get it, the game simply flows.

It is a very dynamic game. Battle starts right in the first round and both players often struggle up to a sudden and surprising end.

After each battle your mind will be overheated with strategies and tactics, rejoicing on a victory or claiming for a rematch.