'Four' is a collection of games intended to introduce board games to small children. They're a reinterpretation of classics, such as chess and shogi, but with changes that aim to make it as fun as possible to kids while allowing adults to have a deep and challenging experience.

Compared to the classic games, the four versions allow interactions very early in the game, which keeps children interested. They have movements and concepts relating to the classics, but are more dynamic, quicker and easier to understand. Also, they have a different setting, with cute and colorful animal play rather than the serious and militaristic tone classic board games usually have.

Finally, if you don't have a kid, don't worry - these are deep and challenging games even for experienced players, where one move can make all the difference.

versão: 0.1.0 || date: 2013/08/03


In Chess4, each player must lead a team of felines when they are trying to tag the other team's king. Each player controls a Kitten, a Lynx, a Leopard, a Tiger and a Lion, and the pieces may move in the directions shown on the piece. They may also jump over allied pieces and swap positions with other team members.

The king of each team is a lazy lion, who won't move unless it is to tag an opponent or swap positions, but if the Kitten reaches the last row she will evolve into a Lioness, the most powerful and agile in the team.

Chess4 is involving from the very first turn. The simplicity of the rules makes it accessible to young children, while still keeping it dynamic, quick and challenging.

versão: 0.1.0 || date: 2013/08/03


In Shogi4, each player must invite the other players' animals to his farm, and whoever has both the Crane and the Pheasant wins. Each player also controls a Carp, a Tapir, a Racoon-dog and a Fox, which can move in the directions shown on the piece and jump over allied pieces.

When the animals reach the last row they evolve to creatures of the Japanese folklore - the colorful Koi, the dream eater Baku, the shapeshifting Tanuki and the magical Kitsune. Also, animals you invite to your farm can be called upon to your team.

Shogi4 is a fast paced game that is easy to learn yet complex and challenging to experienced players, where you can turn the table at any time with a clever move.