This is our very first electronic game. You play Madeline, a young princess on her sweet sixteen who is anxious to have a nice time in the royal ball.

You will walk the whole town looking for the best outfit to the ball. You have three different challenges you must meet: you need to avoid the foes that may get you dirty, you need to be quick to travel the whole town, visiting the stores and your friends places and lastly you need to remember the other princesses outfits to avoid repeating them.

Technical details

Glamour is available for Linux and Windows. There are installers available for each of these platforms on the top of this page.

The game was written in Python using the Pygame library and the source code is freely available in the launchpad page of the game.

The art was developed using Inkscape, Gimp and Blender. The editables of these files are not yet available, but we plan to release them. If your are interested on this, let us know by sending us a message (