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In this game you play Maddeline, a princess in her sweet sixteen. With the help of her fairy godmother and yours she'll walk the whole kingdom trying dresses and accessories.

Watch out for anything that may ruin your look or hold you back, for it is almost time for the ball.

Prepare yourself properly and you'll win all the hearts in the castle and may even discover your true love.

versão: 1.0.0 || date: 2012/01/01


Help Maddeline get ready to the ball and find her true love. Explore the kingdom collecting dresses, accessories, shoes and make-up. Discover how to unlock new looks, because the more original your look, the more glamour points you'll get.

Do not ever get to the ball all dirty. It would ruin your reputation.

Show up beautifully dressed and you'll get all the attention, winning the hearts of all the boys and, who knows, even the heart of Prince Charming himself.

Oca Studios' first videogame comes with beautiful graphics and amazing music that will enchant you and your friends.

This is still a beta release. You're wellcome to suggest fixes and new features at