The world is filled with precious board games from the past that most of us never heard of.

Oca is collecting and releasing them so new people have a chance to discover why the world has always been addicted to games.


Prepare yourself for a great card game! There are several armies to choose from, each with different troops and abilities.

Place your towers to fend off your opponent's attacks and raze his palace to the ground.

attack the tower

Creating games is lots of fun!
These papercraft pieces will help you create and play your own games.

You can use our models to craft the pieces necessary to your board game, or learn with them to make your own pieces.


We love games. Board games, paper games, videogames, we love them all.

Games we develop We believe the main goal for a game is to be fun - this is their sole purpose and all other characteristics should be there to fulfill it. Aesthetics and challenge are the two main tools a game designer have to achieve that goal. You can learn more about our principles here.

The greatest games of all times Thousands of years ago people were already playing and creating games. Lots of incredibly creative and fun games have been produced. We provide paper versions of great classic games for you to download and play. Imagine yourself playing the game of the Java Island, of the Aztecs or the game of the Vikings. They're a download away from you.

Craft your game yourself You can make your own pieces, pins, tokens and dice out of paper. In no time you will be playing traditional games, games still in development and better yet: games you'll develop yourself.

The time for the ball is coming, and you have to help a princess collect the best possible combination of dress and accessories.

The board game also inspired an electronic version that shares the theme and the love of beauty.


Four is a collection of board games designed to introduce classic gaming to small children.

These games are simple, fast and fun, and contain a fair amount of the depth games like chess and shogi are known for.


It's time for a great soccer management game. In Olé! you will choose tactics, formations, players' skills and positions. All with simple and creative game mechanics.

Discover why soccer is loved by so many in this addictive board game.


Your penguin pals need your help to cross the crumbling ice, but others are jamming the way.

This quick paced game relies on (almost chaotic) event cards that can change everything in a second. You are never in a safe place when you are on the ice.

Penguin Pals

Zeus is furious and demand the help of all Olympian gods to stop Prometheus, who has just stolen the fire to give to the puny humans.

Stop Prometheus in this amazing game developed in partnership with Marcelo Melo


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