attack the tower

Attack the tower - print and play - is an exciting game for two players. Each one leads an army of light and heavy infantry, cavalry, shooters and siege weapons in a mission to tear down the opponent's towers.

The print and play version is designed to save on both paper and ink, while being easy to assemble and keep for later use.

Each file contains the deck for a single army, together with tokens, the board and the manual you'll need to play.

The game is composed by four collection of four armies each. Remember to check out this page from time to time to find what if new armies are available.

Browse below the armies released so far.

"Kneel before your liberators"

Colonize the world with an all-around army that specializes in both defense and offense. The Wwesterners are a fine-tuned war machine that require careful deployment.


"You will soon join our ranks."

Haunt the world with what is more than an army, but also a plague. The undead specialize in summoning more and more of the dead and draining the enemy in a relentless war.


"Your footsteps scar Mother Earth, and it is time for payback."

Fight alongside nature and the terrors that lurk within it. The quick elves lead an army of beasts and brutes, ready to deal massive damage to intruders.


"¤ʒ¥¤̱ø©þ ¤¤ °•¶̱¥̱\þ©œµ ʒæ•̧ ¤ʒ¥¤̱ø©þ ª~łŭ×°ʒəð"

Take over Earth with a bizarre army of little green men with laser guns. They specialize in taking down strong enemies by turning their strength against them.


"There is no life without honor. There is no honor without victory."

Bring honor to your ancestors with the great martial prowess of the East. But if martial arts are not enough, raze their cities to the ground with giant mutant lizards.


"Efficiency demands the annihilation of organic life."

Set a new world order with an automated production line of warrior robots. Their modular, eco-friendly design allow them to be recrafted out of fallen allies.


"Your weapons are useless to you... since I stole them."

Rob the opponent blind with an insidious army, specialized at quickly stealing and dismantling. Thieves are great fighters against defenseless enemies.


"This land is powerful, and you are not welcome"

Defend the wild with a deceitful and untamed army. The Southerners can appear out of thin air, and specialize in building traps and dealing sneak attacks.


"There is only one way to enter Valhalla."

Pillage the continent with an army of soldiers bred and raised for battle. Old legends say only the giants can fight more fiercely than they do. But that's no problem – you've got giants, too.

Battle is within our nature. To soldiers strong as the raging bear, war is his trade, his calling and his goal.