The alien army. The most powerful force of the galaxy has arrived on Earth to conquer and dominate. This is no visit, it is an invasion and it will last till all other towers are torn down.

Aliens are not easy to understand. Their strategy and tactics are unknown to us.

If you want to play using the alien army, forget our conventional wisdom. Our weakness is not their weakness and our strength is not their strength.

Martians. Recruit all martians on a territory.
Greys. Allied greys have power 3, but lose initiative.
Reptilians. While battling, the power of allied reptilians is equal to the power of their most powerful enemy troop.
Mothmen. While battling, allied mothmen receive a power bonus equal to the power of the weakest enemy troop they face.
Laser Cannon. The power of enemy bases drop by 1 for each laser cannon they are facing in battle.
UFO. The UFO destroys all troops of one base.
Men-in-black. Recruit a man-in-black on your palace. He has power 2 and while in play he lowers your opponent card limit by 2.

Meet our troops

Martians are tricky, you know, just because you can't see them, it doesn't mean that there ain't any.
On facing Reptilians you have two options: surrender and lose your bases, or fight back and lose your bases.
It is very unusual to see a Grey in a hurry for they often simply walk over debris.
The power of a Mothman is always a little greater than you would predict.
The difference between a Laser Cannon and other siege weapons is that it does not tear down your bases, it melts it down.
A UFO is simply defined as that thing no one saw that vanished those things everybody used to see.
A Man-in-Black is somewhat like a bureaucrat: he makes everything twice as difficult.