Recruit a pickpocket. The opponent discards one card from his draw piles for each pickpocket you control.
Sacrifice any number of allied assassins to kill the same number of regular troops. The opponent may save each one by discarding a card from his hand.
If the opponent has no cards in hand, allied thugs have power 3. If he has no cards in his draw piles, allied thugs have power 4.
Every time your opponent discards cards, you may recruit a highwayman.
When allied pirates destroy any of the opponents bases, the opponent must discard his hand.
Thanks to the swindler, each player discard his hand and draw twice as may cards as he had.
Recruit an unique saboteur on your palace. He has power 2. When an ability forces your opponent to discard, he must discard twice as many cards.

Meet our troops

Our strategy is to take away every single piece of treasure, resources and hope from the opponent. Without those, his arsenal is not a match for our knives.

To our Pickpockets, strength can be filched in numbers
The cheapest way out from an Assassin's trap is to buy your way out.
A wise thug becomes as tough as his victim isn't.
You don't need to recruit troops. Let the gold speak for itself.
Towers can be rebuilt, but treasure can't be unrobbed.
A good Swindler helps in order to get helped. A great one will get helped in order to hurt.
As long as the Saboteur is functioning, nothing more will.