This is an Attack the Tower army. You need at least two armies to play the game. Each of them has its own unique features. Print a couple of armies and call a friend over to have a nice time of heavy strategic gaming.

The Eastern army is the only honorable one. There is no life without honor, there is no honor without victory.

Allied Monks have power 2. If they battle, sacrifice them afterwards.
Troops in the same territory as allied Kyudokas may be spared from sacrifice, even if other abilities demand it.
Allied Samurai have power 3. If they battle, sacrifice them afterwards.
After battling against Huns, defending bases with no troops on them must be sacrificed.
Sacrifice one Kaiju on each allied island. For each territory where you still have kaijus, destroy one base.
Choose an allied troop. It becomes a Ninja and its power is raised by 3.
Recruit a Shenlong on your palace. It has power 4 and, while in play, it allows you to draw one extra card during the renovation sequences.

Meet our Troops

Having no fear of death, a Monk fights as well as two men.
In search for death Samurai often find glory and victory.
The arrows of the Kyudoka are the best shield of the fearless.
Huns won't just kill you. They will destroy you.
After eating his siblings and coming out of the nest, a Kaiju is typically starving and could eat an entire village. Literally.
Not anyone can be a Ninja, but a ninja can be anyone.
Shenlong are said to bring good fortune, but how can things improve from having a dragon?