Elves. Ally elves have power 2 and initiative.
Druid. At the end of the turn, draw one card per ally druid alive.
Troll. At the end of the turn, recruit a troll for each ally troll destroyed during the turn.
Spiderrider. Enemy troops have their power diminished by 1 when battling ally goblin spiderriders.
Dragon. During combat, each ally dragon inflict one extra damage in each enemy troop.
Wall of thorns. The wall of thorns prevent the opponent from declaring attacks.
Treant. Recruit a Treant on your palace. It has power 7.


Elves are the pride and terror of the woods. You'll barely notice their presence and they will barely notice your defense.
No one fears a druid, we fear everything around him.
Celebrating the death of a Troll is meaningless, for while there is earth, there are trolls.
When a spider climbs a leg you hear screams, but when a spider runs over a town you hear despair.
No one knows what a Dragon is really capable of. We haven't yet been able to recruit a force large enough to slow him down.
We were planning to attack the fae, but the forest, it seems, wouldn't allow.
Stop the Treant attack? Well, our first goal is for them to notice we are here.