This is an Attack the Tower army. You need at least two armies to play the game. Each of them has its own unique features. Print a couple of armies and call a friend over to have a nice time of heavy strategic gaming.

The army of the North was born for war, bred for war and crave for war. Their soldiers are forged in the ice and fire to be as tough as steel.

Huscarl. The opponent must kill all allied huscarls in combat before targeting other troops.
Völva. Sacrifice one völva. If you do, draw one card and recruit one infantry.
Viking. Recruit one infantry per base destroyed by allied vikings.
Valkyrie. Recruit one infantry per allied valkyrie.
Kraken. Krakens have Power 6 and lose Artillery. Their companies cannot harm buildings.
Berserker. The power of allied infantry is raised by +1.
Jotunn. Recruit a unique jotunn on your Palace. It has Power 4. You may sacrifice 3 cards from your hand to increase his Power to 10 until the end of the turn.

Meet our troops

Our strategy is to recruit the greatest number of soldiers and enrage them so ire them terrific soldiers. As the opponent's defense is weakened by the reletless attacks of this powerful infantry, it's time to call forth the giants.

A Huscarl will gladly die for his master. If you can kill him, that is.
It is said that in ancient times, the gods asked the Völvur to teach them magic.
The more you have, the more the Vikings will take from you.
Valkyries select the best warriors for Ragnarök - but these are rarely as good as themselves.
The only effective defense against Krakens is staying beyond their reach.
A Berserker is just a creature bred for violence, wielding the most destructive tools of war.
A Jotunn is destructive by nature... but he becomes even better with the right incentives.