This is an Attack the Tower army. You need at least two armies to play the game. Each of them has its own unique features. Print a couple of armies and call a friend over to have a nice time of heavy strategic gaming.

Inefficiency is irrational. Efficiency demands the annihilation of organic life.

Recruit up to one automaton per allied automaton.
At the end of the turn, recruit one droid per allied troop killed or sacrificed from now on.
Recruit all allied cyborgs. All allied cyborgs have power 1.
Recruit one drone.
Sacrifice one carrier. If you do, take a discarded base and build it on the same territory the carrier was.
Sacrifice up to 5 allied troops. A chosen troop receives initiative and a power bonus equal to the amount of troops sacrificed.
Recruit a unique singularity on your palace, it has power 1 and, while alive, you may recruit one extra troop during renewal sequences.

Meet our troops

Our strategic protocol rely on modularity and statistics: interchangeable parts allow for superior numbers. In the infinitesimal chance this should fail. Our 100 feet tall emergency protocol can be activated.

The best thing about having an Automaton is having one more automaton.
Androids are everywhere, because anything can be crafted into an android.
What could be a better environment to mature a Cyborg than a battlefield?
Drones are simple technology, really: they come, they destroy.
Okay, I'll admit: Carriers are mostly useless. Just tell it to transform into something else.
There's a plan for every little thing, and it is a very big plan.
A Singularity is a unique way to attain uniformity.