The Southern army is ready to take advantage of their wild land to ambush any intruders. To underestimate this army is a death sentence, for no one's better at creating traps and launching sneak attacks than the children of the South.

Sacrifice any allied woods. At the end of the turn, play any number of woods from the discard pile.
Recruit all natives in territories with empty slots.
Play a bandeira from your discard pile and recruit a bandeirante on it.
The power of allied headless mules increases by 2 for each empty slot on their territories.
During the opponent's turn, discard up to 5 bases from your draw pile, play one of them and, if it's a jungle, recruit a woodland father on it.
In every combat curupira will destroy one enemy troop for each empty slot in the defending territory.
Recruit a loyal iara on your palace, it has power 2. The opponent must sacrifice one troop after each renewing sequence.

Meet our troops

The Southerner strategy lies not on building a defense line of towers, but exactly the opposite. They will leave empty slots in which they can recruit troops on the spot to ambush enemies or launch sneak attacks.

The only way to find a Saci in the wild is if wants to be found.
If there is a land to explore, there are Natives willing to defend.
As long as the mission is highly profitable, there will always be noble souls willing to endure it.
When fighting a Headless Mule you think you're experiencing a nightware. The difference is you don't wake up.
A Woodland Father is rarely aggressive. But it will squish you like a bug anyhow.
A Curupira will burn you to cinders in the blink of an eye, but only if he thinks you're a threat to the woods. He always does so, of course.
An Iara can show you pleasures that compensate even the deepest sorrows. Even death.