The terrible army of the undead. The one single army whose victory is certain.

Zombie. Recruit one zombie on each allied graveyard.
Necromancer. Recruit all zombies, vampires and vrykolakas in territories that hold allied necromancers.
Vampirer. At the end of the turn recruit one vampire for each enemy troop killed in combat against vampires.
Vrykolaka. Destroy one enemy troop for each vrykolaka that inflicts damage in combat.
Frankenstein. Allied frankensteins can damage troops.
Lich. The Power of enemy troops drop by one, thanks to the lich.
Ghost. Recruit a ghost on your palace, it has power 2. If defeated, it is recruited again at the end of the turn.

Meet our Troops

Zombies do not need to be fast or strong. They only need to be many.
Enemy Vampires have a whole army on their side – our army.
The greatest threat is not the one who kills, but the Necromancer who brings them back.
The terror of a Vrykolaka is as strong as death, for both have the same effect.
The sound of a crumbling wall is frightening, but the steps of the Frankenstein afterwards are terrifying.
There is no hurry to meet the enemy in single combat. Let the Lich battle them all first.
How can anyone defeat a Ghost? How can you kill what you can't kill?