This is an Attack the Tower army. You need at least two armies to play the game. Each of them has its own unique features. Print a couple of armies and call a friend over to have a nice time of heavy strategic gaming.

The mighty army of the West. The civilization force that will bring peace and liberty to all, whether they like it or not.

Militia. The power of allied militia is raised by 1 when defending.
Crossbowman. The power of allied crossbowmen is set to 2 and enemies lose initiative.
Templar. During combat, allied templars cause 1 point of damage to enemy infantries.
Knight. The power of allied knights is raised by 1 when attacking.
Catapult. Allied catapults may damage bases even if they are defended by troops.
Wizard. The Power of allied troops is raised by 1, thanks to the wizard.
Blacksmith. Recruit a blacksmith on your Palace. He has Power 1 and, while in play, all allied troops inflict 1 extra point of damage.

Meet our troops

Our strategy is simple and effective: build better weapons, increase our power and dominate. Almost all of our abilities consists in increasing our power.

Militia are very found of their home. Some rumors say that two militia once defeated a dragon in an epic battle.
Templars are the horror of the battlefield, and no infantry dares to stand in front of them. Their strike is so heavy that it may very well tear down a wall.
Crossbowmen are not regular shooters. Their powerful, long ranged shot make all enemies tremble.
When the knights run over the field, there is no other outcome than to be ran over.
After leaving the tower, the archers presented their case: the sight of catapults is the universal sign to abandon the tower.
Wizards are a mystery to unravel. One can't tell they are coming, but everyone knows when they have already passed by.
The blacksmith is both the weakest and the most powerful weapon of the Western army.