Mu Torere

Mu Torere is a very precious Maori secret. A board game where you only have each turn a single space to move your pieces to. With such a simple move your goal is to foresee the moves of your opponent and set a trap to him. This game is a fascinating treasure from New Zealand.

The Royal game of Ur

One of the most ancient games of all times will emerge from the tombs of the Royal Tombs of Ur directly to your living room. Have fun just like the ancient guards used to do millennia ago.

Jul Gonu

There is a whole category of quick two player games in Korea. Discover the amazing world of Gonu with "Lines Gonu". Surround your opponent's pieces. It seems simple, doesn't it?


Atention: the treacherous Prometheus, mankind's benefactor, has stolen the fire from the gods and plans to give it to the puny humans. Our Lord, the migthy Zeus, has called upon all Olympians to chase and capture him.
Check out Prometheus, our newest game developed in partnership with Marcelo Melo.

Chess4 App

Our first android app is out! Play Chess4 alone or with a friend, wherever you go. A fast-paced, dynamic, cute and classic game, now always in your pocket.