This is a great pre-columbian board game played by Aztecs, Mayans and many others. It is a racing game where your goal is not to cross the finish line but strip your opponent of all his possessions. And make it quick, for Macuilxochitl is always hungry for sacrifices! Get Patolli in A4 or letter formats.

AtT Tournament Manual

Attack the Tower's Tournament Manual is finally here! With it you can learn every bit of detail about the game, and how to hold your own official Tournaments. Get it in A4 or letter.


Conclave e-store is now 10 years old, and this tradition shows in their great collection of great games. And, naturally, this includes Ocastudios' games!You can visit their site in (in Portuguese).

penguin pals' passing puzzle

Bigger Cards! Nicer Blocks! Cuter Penguins! Ocastudios' original game Penguin Pals' Passing Puzzle has reached version 0.2.0, and is waiting for you here. The question is, are you ready for it?

studio 11:11

Want to buy a game by Ocastudios? Or hundreds of other great boardgames, card games and video-games? Then check out Studio 11:11 (in Portuguese).

gift blue

Want to present someone with a nice, creative gift? Try something from Gift Blue! And it has to be Attack the Tower? Then try Gift Blue!!! They offer wonderful and intelligent gifts selected by a group of people who LOVE gifts! Check it out their site (in Portuguese).

glamour e-game

The first electronic game by Ocastudios is finally available. Explore the city, collect dresses, shoes, make-up and accessories, and use it to become fabulous. With lots of Glamour Points you're bound to find True Love. We release it under Public Domain, and although it's still beta, we hope you'll love it!


A new classic game is now available! In LuZhanQi, each player will lead an army to try and capture the enemy flag, and will rely on fortifications, bombs, mines and even railroads to do it. And since one player cannot see the other's pieces, memory, deduction and bluff are all part of the strategy.

unza rpg

Attack the Tower has arrived at Unza RPG. And it is in good company - Unza is a competent publisher and e-store, trying to bring to the spotlight the best in brazilian RPG, card and boardgames. Check them out at their website (in portuguese).

rocky raccoon

Rocky Raccoon is a traditional brazilian store that sells the best in cardgames, boardgames and RPGs. That, of course, now includes Ocastudios' games. Check them out at their site (in portuguese).