att robots

If you're an organic life form, watch out! The robot army has arrived with the promise to clear this world of anything inefficient, illogical or disorderly – which means life. Time to save the world as we know it or embrace the new dawn of machines with Attack the Tower's new Army.


We've reached the 10000 downloads milestone - and we're going about 1000 downloads a month! People from all over the world have been enjoying both modern and classic games, all free as in freedom. And there's much more to come.


A new classic game has just been added to our collection. It is the ancient chinese game of Go (or Weiqi) - nothing short then one of the best board games ever. Be prepared to have a nice time learning the basics of this game and to spend the rest of your life trying to master it. You can find it here.

how to fold

Have you been needing assitance to fold our print and play games? Well, here it is. We've uploaded videos showing how to fold boxes and components, alongside with example files. Give it a shot!

luzhanqi 0.2.0

Oops, our bad... Luzhanqi version 0.2.0 is out, fixing a small error in the pieces' movements (thanks to George Leung for pointing that out). But the good news is that we took the opportunity to refine the pieces, making it easier to fold. Check it out at here.


A new game by Oca is now available! This is a collection of games inspired by the classics and designed to introduce young children to the world of board gaming. They are easy to learn, challenging, fun and dynamic - and, of course, full of colorful cute animals. Check it out here.


There's one more classic game for you to download, print and play! Jarmo is a tartarian game brought to Europe by the mongols lead by Batu Khan, who used to play it in preparation for battle. Promote troops, call for reinforcements but, mostly, pay attention to the terrain, for it is the key to victory!

AtT's Easterners

The Easterners are ready! The 1st army of the 2nd generation of AtT can now be downloaded. They are strong, they are disciplined and they are ready to sacrifice anything to win. If you are ready to lead an army of monks, samurai and ninjas, among others, they are waiting for you here.

AtT Video #1

The first Attack the Tower video tutorial is out! This one is about the basic concepts of the game, and is intended for new players. You can check it out here. Next one will show a simple match to illustrate these concepts. Also, feel free to take any doubts or discussions to our facebook page.


Hurray, we've reached the 5000 milestone! Our games have been downloaded by people from around the world. We're happy to host board, card and electronic games, both our own and traditional, and we're proud that it's all free as in freedom. And there's much more to come.