In the classic Jungle Game, an epic battle is taking place in the animal kingdom. Both animal and game enthusiasts will love this Chinese classic where a group of animals tries to reach the others' den. Doushouqi is a fun strategy game with a very cool theme and is played by children and adults. Download and have fun with this wild board game.


Sadly, game historians and enthusiasts have been paying too little attention to Dòushòuqí. That is probably because it is considered a children's game, deemed less noble when compared to mental sports such as Go and Chess. What we do know is that it descends from Chaturanga, an Indian game developed around the 6th century of the Common Era.

Chaturanga was quickly divided into two branches, one of which gave birth to 'Chinese Chess' (also known as Xiàngqí), a game that reached it's maturity around the 17th century. Although we can be sure Dòu Shòu Qí descends from Xiàngqí, when and how the process took place is not adequately documented. Many also speculate that Dòushòuqí, may have strongly influenced commercial games in the Western World.

One thing we can be sure of is that Dòushòuqí occupies a central role in the universe of Chinese games, at least when children are taken into account. We also do know the game's appeal to the little ones easily transcends cultural barriers.