Too the moon!

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.

Tip us with doge...

If you like a game, consider making a small donation to that game's dogecoin wallet. It would certainly help us pay for servers and hire freelance artists and programmers to work with us. Any donation would be appreciated, and if you particularly like a game, you can also buy it in doge.

...and choose the next games

You may wondering "what's in it for me?" It's simple: donations are sent so specific games, so that we can track what game (or kind of game) pleases you most. That, in turn, means we'll make the preferred games our priority, either enhancing them, expanding them or producing other versions or similar games.

On our Sandbox page you'll see projects that aren't yet finished. Funding them with dogecoin will certainly give us a morale boost in order to complete them for at least release more data about them).

and what is dogecoin anyway?

Dogecoin is a virtual currency (similar to the famous bitcoin), that is rapidly growing throughout the internet. There is no central banking or governments behind dogecoin, just a fantastic community and the power of cryptography.

Dogecoin is money. You hold it in a heavily protected virtual wallet, only accessible with your password (much like a bank account). This wallet may be in a website, in your mobile, in your computer or even simply printed in a sheet of paper.

To pay for something (or tip someone), all you need is some dogecoins in your virtual wallet. You then scan the QRcode on the game's page (which contains our wallet information) and enter the amount you wish to donate. Easy peasy!

If you want a lengthier explanation, let's do it. Dogecoin works very much like a bank statement, but unlike the one you have in your bank, this statement contains information about every single transaction in dogecoin by every single user (not just yourself), ever.
Because this bank statement (it is called dogechain, btw) is public, it is trivial to keep track of how much money currently is in each account: it just automatically adds all deposits and subtracts all payments to and from that account.
Now, instead of a bank telling you how much money they owe you, in Dogecoin everything is decentralized. Countless copies of the bank statement (dogechain) are kept in a decentralized web of computer all around the world. These computers (we call them 'miners') process every transaction and inform the others, updating the dogechain. They also keep tabs on each other so that there's no funny business.
The result of all this is a very efficient and low cost virtual currency you can use online to buy stuff and fund stuff. And why not start with a board game?

where can I get my wallet?

Try Don't forget to install a dogecoin wallet in your mobile. It'll make it super easy to read the QRcodes for making payments.

ok, and where can I get some dogecoins?

Try the forum There you'll find all there is to know about dogecoin, including how to get some. Your can also buy or 'mine' doge, but you may also be interested in getting a few for free. Some websites (called 'faucets') will give you some dogecoin just for paying a visit. They profit over ads, and you'll get just a tiny amount, but it's more than enough to fund some games.

You can even get some dogecoin in our own faucet! And we promise not to tell anyone if you use them to fund our own games.