Meet Chess4! A game of chess designed for young kids. It's dynamic, it's fast, it's beautiful and it's cleaver.

Invite your children to the amazing world of chess. Download this PDF, print it, cut and fold. Next, discover a game of chess designed to fit the fast paced rhythm of our kids.

The movements are very intuitive, for they are written right on the pieces, the battle starts right away and most of the rules are the same as the traditional chess.

The cats are playing tag and they are divided in two teams.

The team that tag the other team lion will be the winner.

You need to be very careful and prepare your moves wisely.

Easy to fold, nice to play

Download, print, cut and fold the paper to build your own game!! You'll learn how to make a game out of a sheet of paper, with pieces and even a box.

How to assemble the pieces

After playing you can pack your game and save it play again tomorow.

Save your pieces one inside the other