Chess4 Manual

Pices move one space towards one of the directions shown, but may jump over allied pieces. If your piece move to a space occupied by an opponent's piece, you tag it.
If your piece move to a space occupied by an allied piece, they swap positions.
The lion may move to tag an opponent or switch positions and the cat may evolve when she reaches the last row.

let's learn how to play Chess4

In this game, two teams of cats are having a contest to see who can tag the other's king. You must help one of these teams and whoever tags the other's Lion first wins the game.

To get started

place the pieces as indicated on the board in such way you can read the names of your cats. Note that the lioness starts off the board.

One player will help the light team and the other the dark team. The light team goes first.

Move an animal

in your turn, but it must move in one of the directions marked on the piece. This means Kittens may only go forward, while Lionesses may move in any direction. Usually Lions cannot move.

Each animal only moves one space at a time, but it can jump over another piece that belongs to the same player.

Swap the pieces

by moving a new piece to a space already occupied by an allied piece. When you do this, the piece already on that space is placed in the space where the new piece came from.

You may move one piece on to a second piece and swap them even if the second couldn't naturally move in that direction – swapping a Tiger with a Lynx, for example. You cannot swap back two cats you've swapped the previous turn.

Evolve the Kitten

as soon as it gets to the last row, in the opposing side of the board. To evolve, just fit the Lioness piece on the Kitten, which may then move in any direction.

Tag a piece

belonging to the other player. To do it, just move one of your pieces to a space alredy occupied by one of his animals. A tagged piece is removed from the board and placed besides it.

Move the Lion

the king of animals, but only is it results in tagging an opponent's cat or swapping with an allied cat. In this case, however, the Lion may move to any direction and even jump over allied cats.

Win the game

by tagging the other player's Lion, or if the other player doesn't have a legal move in his turn.

the board of the game