Yut4 is a version of the traditional and fun Yut designed for children. It is a very dynamic game. Children can learn very fast.

The board


Hi, let's learn how to play Yut4?

In this game you play as a former who wishes to sell his animals in the nearby village. They are very cowardly, though, and will run away if your friend's animals get near. To win, all you have to do is be the first to take all your animals to the village.

To get started

place the cow and sheep pieces off the board, in the squares reserved to them. You must decide who will be in charge each animal. Cows go first, then players alternate turns.

Take the sticks

before doing your move. You can choose how many sticks you wish to throw (from zero to four sticks).

In your turn, you cast up to four yut sticks, then move an animal or group of animals one space for each sunny side you got.

Throw the sticks

to determine how many spaces you must move. For each stick that falls with the sunny side up, you must move one square.

Choose a piece

that you wish to move. It can be either a piece inside the board or one waiting outside. If you have more than one animal in the same space, they are selected as a group.

Move the piece

you selected a number of spaces equal to the number of sunny sticks you got. The green arrows mark the path your animal must follow to go around the board. They must go counterclockwise.

If you chose a piece from outside the board, it will enter the board on the village space (entering counts as moving a space).

When you move a group of animals from the same space, they all move together.

Take a shortcut

If you chose an animal (or group) from a square with a star, you may follow thee arrows from that star instead of the usual green arrows. This allows you to take alternative paths.

Scare the animals

that belong to your friend by landing your pieces on the space they occupy. The scared animals leave the board back to their initial positions and you get to play your turn again.

Win the game

by taking your four animals to the village. They must all be there at the same time.