Glamour board game

The original version of Ocastudios' lovely Glamour. Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty need to keep up with fashion while looking for astonishing make-up, beautiful shoes, lovely dresses and a perfect accessory. The best her looks fit the trends of fashion the more glamour points she'll collect at the ball.

But that's not all, while the girls go around the board looking for items, fashion is continuously changing. In fact the princesses can change it themselves, so as to adapt it to their own style or to prevent her friends from becoming too glamorous.

Discover why this board game is enchanting to their young fans and at the same time entertaining even to their parents.

Enchanting Details!

This game was conceived to be lovely. The delicate pink box displays nicely alongside with perfumes and books. The board is beautiful even when folded. The pieces are little dolls with light colours. The die is soft and will never scratch your board. All pieces fit nicely in the box so you can save your game and make it last.

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The game concept

The idea was to create a cleaver game targeted on young girls using a traditional female theme.

There are plenty of games targeted on young girls, but they usually either avoid competition and strategy or simply try to push traditional boyish themes on girls. Our goal was to make a game about fashion, dancing and romance that nevertheless was about strategy.

The concept is rather simple: you want to be glamorous at the Ball, therefore you need to follow the fashion. The fashion, however changes whenever you buy a garment. You can change the fashion to suit your needs or to stop other players from winning the game. When one is according to fashion in the ball, she gets to save the scoring garments in her closet. She who has the most garments saved when the game ends wins.

We noticed during game testing the girls, specially the younger ones, tried to use a full collection of garments, regardless of the fashion. We've added that to the rules so that if you have a full collection during the ball it is even better than following the fashion.

The game board

We needed a board with different paths to be chosen, but it needed also to be simple and beautiful. The chosen design is a butterfly shape. The player usually may choose her path every 2 rounds, affecting her outcome or the opponents outcome.

Glamour's board: a beautiful butterfly shaped board, click the image to see the back of the board.

The Great Castle in the center is the Royal Ball. Each time you pass through it you participate in the most prestigious dance in the kingdom. You will get the glamour points for your fashioned garments.

The Garment Castles in each corner of the board are actually stores where you can buy new clothes. The garments are represented by cards, that are facing up. The top card of each castle is the fashion on that particular garment.

If you stop on a star you will have a special move. The are starts for playing again, for going to the Royal Ball, for walking other two steps and for going to any Garment Castle you want.

My Board

Each player has a board with a fairy tale princess. As the player draw cards she can dress her character or put the cards on hold. The character must be dressed before rolling the die.


All garments in the game are represented by cards. There are four types of garments, making four piles of cards.

The cards have rounded corners and are easy to collect. They are not perfect for shuffling, though, so you should take care while doing it.


Accessories: charming accessories you can draw


Dresses: this is where all outfit starts from


Shoes: humble, delicate, gorgeous shoes

Make up

Make up: highlight your smile

The pieces

The four princesses are represented in the game with four delicate little dolls.

Glamour pieces feel soft and delicate, fit perfectly in the box and on the board.

The greatest challenge on creating this game was to build the perfect piece. We believe gaming is not only about logic and strategy: it is also an aesthetic experience. A game about beauty would need a very careful approach to it's pieces.

The plastic used is non-toxic and the dolls are relatively large for a board game, but they are still too small for babies and very young children.

Cinderella doll
Sleeping Beauty doll
Rapunzel doll
Snow White doll