The fairy tale princesses need help to prepare for the royal balls. You must help them choose the right make-up, dress, shoes and accessories so they look glamorous. Whoever gets the most glamour points for her princess wins the game.

What you need to play

Settings up the game

Each player receives a princess board to her liking and one random card of each type. Players must place them on their princess board to be prepared for the ball. Remaining cards are placed on separate piles according to their types. These piles are placed, facing up, one next to each of the fashion castles that lie on the corners of the main board. Finally, place all princess pins in the center of the main board.

How to play

In the beginning of her turn, each player may swap cards from her hand with the cards on her princess board, so as to change the princess' make-up, dress, shoes and accessories.

On her turn, she must roll a die and move her princess forward the number of spaces indicated on the die, and if she lands on a space already occupied by other princess, she advances one more space. You must always go forward, as indicated by arrows on the board, but may choose any path when the road divides. Depending on which space the princess stops, some actions may be required of her, as explained below.

Nothing happens if she lands on a SIMPLE SPACE . The game goes on.

A RROW SPACES only indicated which way to go. Nothing will happen to a princess that lands there.

When she lands on a +2 SPACE , she advances two more spaces.

When she lands on a DICE SPACE , she rolls and moves again.

When she lands on a CASTLE SPACE , she is transported to one of the castles of her choosing, acquiring the castle's item.

When she lands on a ROYAL CARRIAGE , the princess is immediately transported to the ball.

Besides these are five special spaces on the board – the four fashion castles on the corners of the main board and the ball castle, in its center. These spaces are activated when a princess goes through them, whether or not she landed on them (they continue their movement after the effects of the castles).

There are four FASHION CASTLES , one for each type of item. When a princess reaches a fashion castle, she takes the card on top of the near card pile. Cards acquired in this manner can be used in the beginning of her next turn.

The main board's center space is the BALL CASTLE , which is the starting position for the pieces. When a princess reaches this space it it is time to see how ready she is. She will be dancing with princes and all eyes will be upon her.

When this happens, you must compare the make-up, dress, shoes and accessory cards on your princess board with those on top of each fashion castle's card pile. For each match you get one glamour point (see 'Scoring points', below), meaning that your princess is in fashion – and GLAMOROUS !

But if she reaches the ball wearing a full set of items of the same backgorund color (all red items, for example) she'll be more than glamorous – she'll be FABULOUS ! In this case, you get glamour points for all items the princess is wearing, regardless of the castles' fashion trends.

Remember you will only earn glamour points when you reach the ball, and not when you start your turn already on it.