The Opendice project is meant to provide all the pieces needed to play a board game in a print and play format.

All the pieces are developed to be assembled without any glue. You will need simply a printed sheet and scissors.

We have many pieces yet:

Build your own game

The opendice project has a very pleasant side-effect: if you are developing your own board game, or if you simply like to mess with the rules and pieces of other games, you can download these pieces and use in your game!

You can have any number of dices, you can have boxes, several types of pins with any drawings you want.

D6 - Six sided die

The most common dice. Our folding will allow you to print a good and balanced die. It is quite easy to fold and you can have lots of dice in a single sheet of paper.

Click on the image to download the draft version

Special die - d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20

RPG players often use special die. They are fun and make the game very interesting, but they are somewhat expensive.

We have developed a foldings for some of the most popular die out there. The larger the number of sides the harder it is to fold, of course.

Click on the image to download the draft version

Pin and pieces

Are you creating your own board game? Do you like to represent your thoughts with pieces? Check this out! Here are some board pieces you can download, fold and use right away. They feel very solid in our hands.