The greatest game of all

We invite you to play the best RPG ever created. No other experience will match this. The most amazing scenario of all. Great stories of legendary heroes and creatures. A multitude of cultures, peoples as there can be only in your imagination. It is the most anticipated game of your life: your own!

Imagine now you explaining such a great game to your friends. Now consider how it would be better if you could have a quick way to build your pins, your dice, your tokens and a box to save it all. Meet the peeples project. These tokens are completely free. You can have nice tokens for your game within minutes.

Creating games is lots of fun!

Great ideas come and go all the time. Imagine how much fun you can have creating and playing with your friends your own self made games!

You can find bellow paper craft models for creating your dice, pieces, boxes and everything you need to build your board game project.

Each of the white bordered boxes bellow contains a file for you to download. They are pieces, tokens, dice, everything you need to make your own game. Boxes with gray borders are ads.

Blocks, counters and cubic pins

A block is a large and short piece that is used in our games as a moving space in a board game. In Penguin Pals Passing Puzzle, penguins try to cross a lake jumping over ice cubes. This block is used as the ice cubes.

Counters are good for keeping a short term record of some quantity in a game. These counters are easy to cut and fold, so that you can have many of them. They have three different sides and can be inserted into each other.

A cubic pin is a nice token to serve as pin. It is easy to grasp and move, it does not fall down and it is easy to track on a board. This cubic is not good to be used as a die, we have the die file just bellow.

Die, RPG dice and RPG pins

This die is easy to cut and fold, and was designed to be a good looking and fair die. All sides have the same ammount of paper. After crumpled or otherwise damaged you should print, cut and fold another one.

RPG dice are designed to be used in RPG games that need different types of dice. By printing a single PDF file you will have d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 for your game. You can also reuse the shapes to make your own design with endless possibilities.

A RPG rigid pin is a set of rigid pins with artwork of common RPG roles. These pins are commonly used to keep track of the player's position on a map.


Money tokens, rigid pin and vertical token

Many games need money tokens. They should be easy to cut and fold, for lots of them will be needed. We understand they must also be easy to grasp and manipulate. It should also be easy to provide change, which is why we provide a set with ones, twos and fives, avoiding the need of using four ones as change, thus saving lots of work cuting and folding ones.

Rigid pins are great to keep track of a character on a board. You can use these as your main pins if you need a small number of pins. They are not so easy to fold, but they are nice, resistent, easy to grasp and hard to crumble.

A vertical token is used to present a diferent interface to each player. We use it in Lu zhan qì so that each player cannot know which character the adversary tokens represent.