penguin pals' passing puzzle

The ice is always thicker on the other side and your penguin pals are in a hurry to get there. To help you'll need to guide them while they jump and slide over ice cubes to reach their destination.

penguins... always jealous of their neighbours

Penguin Pals is a simple, quick and fun game made to entertain both children and adults. You will be the guide of a group of penguins trying to cross the passage and at the same time you must block the opponents with your penguins or by breaking or moving the ice.

Because the penguins (friends and foe alike) interfere with your movements, it is crucial to plan ahead and consider the whole ever changing board.

If you get no luck with your strategy, you can always use the event cards. A single card may either dramatically change the game or be an empty hope. There are cards to cancel the opponent's events and to draw more cards, to move penguins and to kick'em off the ice. The events make the game surprising, dynamic and sometimes even chaotic.

In the end, only one penguin guide can win, but everybody will have had lots of fun.

Very fun to assemble and play

Penguin Pals Passing Puzzle has very nice pieces.

penguin pieces

Once you assemble your penguins you'll feel them just like commercial pieces. They feel very solid and are quite beautiful using but a few ink.

Penguin pieces: feel solid and are nice to play with.

ice cubes

The board is made of moving ice cubes. You can assemble the cubes very easily and they fit into each other, so that it is easy to save for later use. Funny penguins over paper ice cubes: that is sure to make a game fun!

Ice cube pieces: easy to assemble and save


Penguin Pals Passing Puzzle uses cards to make the game more dynamic. The cards are straightforward and may change the outcome of the game. Check out the cards bellow: