Prometheus has never been a role model for greek divinities, but he has now gone too far! He stole the fire from the gods to give it to humans, so they may control their own fates and be artisans of their ow destiny. This is outrageous! Therefore, Almighty Zeus is calling for all Olympians to stop him before he escapes to Earth. But mind that, with his devious foresight, the Titan can all but foresee the future, adn will escape most traps set for him.

Prometheus was developed by Ocastudios and Marcelo Melo, base on the original concept by the latter. It has fairly simple mechanics but will still challenge your ingenuity and attention, and is great fun to play with kids.

game play

In Prometheus your goal is to catch the fleeing Titan with traps. On his turn, each player will lay tiles, forming a chain (the path of Prometheus). Each tile contains a number indicating how many steps until a Prometheus falls into a trap. Players may lay down tiles claiming this traps or scrambling the order, in order to prevent his opponents from scoring. The player who succesfully hits him with most traps wins.

prometheus game play

Easy and Inexpensive

This print and play game is designed to be quick to learn, cheap to print and easy to fold. But most of all, it is designed to be fun to play, so give it a go.

Successful partnership

Prometheus is the result of a succesful partnership between Ocastudios and independent game designer Marcelo Melo. If you'd like to publish your game in our site, check this page to see how it's done.

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This game can be downloaded in English. Este jogo pode ser baixado em português.

If you wish to see this game in your native language, send us the translated text and we'll do our best to upload a localized version.