They say you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs, that you'll get 30 misses before you get a hit and that you'll draw 500 caricatures before they start resembling someone. Here you'll get to see the eggshells, the unfinished, the bad and the ugly.

And why? Simple, not every good idea has come to be included in the games, and you may very well find something you'll like. Also, keep in mind that the process of creating games - especially board games - is mainly a subtractive rather than additive process, or in other words, we take stuff out of the game to make it simpler and more elegant. The thing is, you might like a previous and more complex version better than a newer and cleaner one.

There's actually two more reasons you might be interested in our sandbox. Any new game will show up here first, during the processes of development and playtesting, and you might want to see what's coming and leave your input. And, finally, we'll be placing concept art and sketches around here and you might enjoy them.

So, welcome to the messy room, where nothing is kept in any order better than what seemed convenient at the time. Dig deep and enjoy.

The traditonal and fun korean Yut will be our next "4" collection game: Yut4.

Lead your heard of cute animals to eat and back home, while playing and having a great time.


The mysteries of an ancient land and the myths of incredible peoples will fill up your mind.

It is time for you to immerse into a world of fantasy and adventure. Shinjudo is a role playing game we've been working on for years, discover it before it emerges.


Check out some amazing content relating to attack the tower: sketches, images, plans.

Find out about the new rules in testing, the new armies planned, new foldings and even a brand new electronic game being developed.

Attack the Tower

A game of financial management.

Let's play the real game: economics! Invest your money in stocks, commodities and in the housing market if you dare. Learn to love finance with this compelling game.


We wanted to have a whole board game for you to print and play, so we made some dice to print.

Opendice is a set of dice for you to cut, fold and play.

The dice are designed to be balanced, easy to cut and fold and cheap to print.


Senshiai was one of our earliest projects. A collectible card game played over a board that reveals itself during the match.

Two of the most unique features of this game are: 1) players can build their deck and then print the cards (there is a software that helps players choose the cards); 2) there is a fog of war made out of the board mechanics.